Canadian Consumer Debt


We Owe $1.4 TRILLION

TORONTO - The love affair Canadians have with debt is still going strong, according to a new report by credit monitoring agency Equifax Canada.Equifax said Monday that its figures show that consumer d...
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More Debt? No Problem

TORONTO - Canadians are carrying more debt now than a year ago, but it seems like many have a better handle on paying it back, says a newly-released study.Statistics from credit monitoring firm Equifa...

What's Working in Canada's Economy and What Isn't

Canada's overall numbers are not as impressive, but they reflect the growth rotation that will see exports and business investment grab the baton from the consumer and housing sectors. Conditions already favour export growth: a weakening loonie, a surge in leading sectors, a key export market that is leading the way, and strong demand for resources.

Canadians' Debt Burden Spikes

OTTAWA - Canadian households have returned to their free-spending ways and seniors have joined the party lately by borrowing to finance their post-retirement lifestyles, a new report says.The report f...
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Canadians Cut Back

OTTAWA - New data on consumer credit suggests Canadians are becoming more cautious about making purchases that involve taking on debt.The analysis by TransUnion Market Trends shows average consumer de...
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How Your Going Broke Could Break Canada

In a country that prides itself on its social safety net, one could argue that the current personal debt story is really a story of an endangered future for the things we hold dear as a society. Will debt-ridden Canadians be supportive at election time of paying more in taxes to maintain universal health care?

Forever In Debt

TORONTO — As Canadian officials issue repeated warnings about the perils of overborrowing amid troubling consumer debt levels, one quarter of respondents to a new poll say they will carry their existi...