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Mohammed Hashim

Why Young Workers Like Me Turned Our Backs To Protest Trudeau

By turning our backs on the PM, we were challenging a system built to inherently favour them above anyone else. As many social justice activists assert, the system isn't broken, it was built this way -- to disenfranchise and exclude women, "other" racialized people and anyone suggesting that change should be driven from the bottom up. What has occurred to me is that if white men are not leading the charge, they are often on the defensive.

How the Labour Movement Has Failed

You wouldn't know it from the tone of discourse today, but immigrants and foreign workers have been part of the Canadian labour force since Confederation. Then, much as now, they were necessary to ensure Canada's economic survival. Nevertheless, 19th century immigrant workers were viewed with suspicion and contempt and assigned the most dangerous tasks.

Unions: Tories Have 'Declared War'

In a sign they have all but given up on talks with the Treasury Board over labour reforms proposed in the federal government's budget bill, union leaders say they are taking matters into their ow...

Want to Help the Middle Class? Focus on Pensions

The federal government claimed recently in its Throne Speech that it wants to help consumers and the middle class. But Ottawa is dragging its feet on the most important pocketbook issue of them all -- that of providing decent, secure pension income for all Canadians when they retire.

Can This Network Really Take on Harper?

The creation of Common Causes gave me hope. I have long felt that we desperately need a hard-nosed civil society movement that will challenge the Conservatives with massive campaigns drawing on the resources of hundreds of groups. Common Causes may be able to build an effective forum and voice for Canada's liberal-minded, progressive community but, as we have been in Quebec, this can take years.

The Buck Shouldn't Stop at Theresa Spence

All Canadians owe a debt of gratitude to Chief Theresa Spence's and Elder Raymond Robinson's hunger strikes. These individuals are calling attention to an intolerable situation among First Nations communities. They are also highlighting concerns common to many Canadians about dangers posed by unilateral government.

We Must Improve the Canada Pension Plan

Given 25 years of stagnant wages for middle-income earners and real wage decreases for lower-income earners, it's not surprising how difficult it is for people to save. Canadians have a low, and declining rate of saving, with some people using their Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) as unemployment insurance programs.

Bill C-377 a.k.a. The Expensive, Unfair to Unions Bill

The Conservative government has a disturbing habit of introducing significant changes to Canadian public policy by sleight of hand. Bill C-377 would force every labour organization in Canada to file detailed financial information. It is more about helping employers, the Conservative Party and special interest groups with close ties to them. If passed, Bill C-377 will tip the balance of labour relations in Canada.

Timmies Exploiting Foreign Workers?

Erik Flores came to Canada full of optimism that his new job at a Tim Hortons franchise near Regina would open doors to a "beautiful life." Instead, the 21-year-old from Mexico says he found himself...
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This Labour Day, Consider the Union Advantage

On Labour Day we celebrate the many contributions of working people who helped to build our country and its economy. Despite negative comments about unions from some business groups, we do make a positive difference in the health of our communities. Our research study highlights 29 separate communities across the country to show the benefits that unionized workers provide. In short, these communities are better places to work and live.

Are Unions On The Way Out Or Up?

OTTAWA - Labour historian Mark Leier has an interesting perspective this Labour Day weekend on anti-union rhetoric and the prospect of a post-unionized Canadian economy.The labour-friendly academic at...

Part 2: Hudak and Harper Attempt to Silence their Critics

Stripped to its core, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak's vision is not about "modernizing" the labour market in the interests of prosperity for all. He seeks to usher in an era of permanent uncertainty for all working people to the overwhelming benefit of corporations. To accomplish this task, Hudak must neutralize his opponents in every possible arena, from the workplace to elections.

Canadians Don't Need to Die on the Job

Today, Canadians will observe a National Day of Mourning in memory of workers killed or injured on the job. Canada still has one of the highest rates of workplace deaths in the industrialized world, and one way we can save lives is to take seriously the Westray bill, which is rarely used.

Is There Really A Public Pension Crisis?

OTTAWA - To hear the prime minister and his cabinet talk, Canada's public pension system is unsustainable and needs major repair — likely in the form of a higher eligibility age for Old Age Security p...