Canadian National Exhibition


My Days As A Carny

My first real job -- ever -- was running games at the Canadian National Exhibition (The Ex) in Toronto. In some ways, working as a carny was incredibly formative. As a journalist, I can say that confidence is key, especially in the entertainment industry. If I didn't have those three summers where I was verbally accosting strangers on a microphone, I can't say with certainty that I'd have the same fearlessness now.

Food Truck Explodes At CNE

Toronto police say propane was the cause of an explosion that destroyed a food truck at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds. Debris from the explosion — including refrigerator and freezer parts,...

Marilyn Monroe To Shimmer At The CNE

Visitors to this year's Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto may catch a rare glimpse of Marilyn Monroe in Canada. Images of the iconic blonde are famous the world over, but few have seen her stan...