Canadian Red Cross

Topher Seguin / Reuters

How Long Does It Take To Rebuild A Life?

When people talk about disasters, many focus on the earliest terrifying moments -- images of families in Alberta fleeing the wildfires, and wading through chest-high water from flooded homes in High River, or the rubble and wreckage where homes once stood in the days following the earthquake in Nepal. The often misunderstood reality is that the initial days, weeks and even months after a destructive event are just the start of a long, painful recovery.

Americans Are Alerted To Danger. Why Aren't Canadians?

The United States has a nation-wide network that alerts its citizens through just about every communications device possible when natural or man-made disasters have hit, or are about to hit. Not us lulled Canadians. Albertans can boast they're in pretty fair shape after the establishment of the Alberta Emergency Alert, created after a tornado swept through Edmonton in 1987, killing 27 people. Alberta is ready. The rest of Canada isn't.

Red Cross Puts Out Call For Help

CALGARY - The Canadian Red Cross has raised more than $25 million in donations for flood relief in southern Alberta.But the organization says it could take years to distribute the money, and that more...