Canadian Stereotypes

These Ridiculously Canadian Stories Made 2016 Suck A Little Less

The Huffington Post Canada | Mohamed Omar | Posted 12.13.2016 | Canada


Canadians Say This More Than 'Sorry'

The Huffington Post Canada | Joy D'Souza | Posted 08.30.2016 | Canada Living

We're not surprised.

Classic Canadian Stereotypes Explained With Cheeky Pie Charts

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Canadians can be so gosh darn funny sometimes.

The Worst Canadian Rap Diss That Could Ever Be Made

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Sorry, But The Amazing Race Canada Just Outstereotyped All Canadians

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As you likely already know, "The Amazing Race Canada" is coming to a television near you this summer (on July 8, to be exact). And in anticipation of ...

9 Stereotypes About Canadians That Are Definitely True

The Huffington Post | Posted 09.19.2014 | Canada Living

We Canadians are used to being stereotyped, which is why we can be so quick to point out that, um, excuse us, but we do not all love Celine Dion, we w...

Americans Like Us, They Really Like Us

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 11.16.2014 | Canada Living

WASHINGTON - Canada, you're apparently America's sweetheart — or so says a new survey.When Americans were asked to rate their favourite nations, the...

9 Stereotypes About Canadians We're Tired Of Hearing

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O Canada! It's a land of snow and sleet, where sunshine only breaks through on days when Justin Bieber plays a concert. Well ... not exactly. Ca...

WATCH: The Canadian Beer Fridge Is Now Testing Your Canadianness

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It's time to sing out Canada's praises. You might remember the Canadian beer fridge from this year's Winter Olympics, the one from Molson that only...

WATCH: This Beer Fridge Only Opens If You're Canadian

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There are a few things Canadians get theirs chests puffed up about when it comes to nationalism, and the Olympics manages to combine almost all of the...

Americans Are Clueless About Canada -- and Other Countries, Too

Bill Mann | Posted 09.23.2013 | Canada Politics
Bill Mann

Americans could learn a lot from Canada -- but they don't have a clue. And they don't want to. When I first moved to northern Washington state and began covering Canada for Dow Jones' U.S. business site, I spoke at a local Rotary Club. The members were mostly college graduates and business leaders. I gave a quiz about Canada to the Rotarians, who share a Rotary district with B.C. I asked: What's the capital of Canada? Maybe half the members knew. OK, who is Canada's Prime Minister? Even fewer hands went up. Many Americans don't just have their heads up their butts; they also seem to enjoy the view.

Myths and Truths About Being Canadian

Kathy Buckworth | Posted 09.02.2012 | Canada
Kathy Buckworth

There are many stereotypes about Canadians, some true and some not. Do we love hockey? Yes. Do we eat doughnuts? Yes, at the hockey arena. But we do have major cities (some really, really big ones, in fact). And we don't say "aboot," at least, I can't hear it.