Farmers Move To Sue Feds For Billions

SWIFT CURRENT, Sask. - The group Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board says it is moving ahead with a multibillion-dollar lawsuit against the federal government despite a court ruling in the fall.The la...

Wheat Board Stands By 'Offensive' Ad

SASKATOON - The Canadian Wheat Board is standing by an advertisement that has lassoed controversy.The ad features a 1969 print called "Hi-Ho, Silver," which shows a young woman in a cowboy hat and ski...

Tories Celebrate End Of Wheat Board

KINDERSLEY, Sask. - Western Canadian farmers who were convicted in the 1990s for taking their grain across the border to sell in the U.S. have been pardoned.Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the...

Say Goodbye To The Wheat Board

Winds of change are sweeping across the Prairies as the Canadian Wheat Board's decades-long monopoly on western wheat and barley sales ends, but opinions differ strongly on whether those breezes will...

Watching the Watchdog: Stats Don't Lie, Political News Falls Short

Seems that when you spend an hour watching Canadian TV news stories about politics, you get only about 15 minutes of real information. These scary numbers come from the highly respected charitable Samara Institute today. Samara has spent months doing all the research, the number crunching, and the drawing of conclusions. Will the newsrooms listen? Probably not.