Wheat Board Stands By 'Offensive' Ad

SASKATOON - The Canadian Wheat Board is standing by an advertisement that has lassoed controversy.The ad features a 1969 print called "Hi-Ho, Silver," which shows a young woman in a cowboy hat and ski...

Watching the Watchdog: Stats Don't Lie, Political News Falls Short

Seems that when you spend an hour watching Canadian TV news stories about politics, you get only about 15 minutes of real information. These scary numbers come from the highly respected charitable Samara Institute today. Samara has spent months doing all the research, the number crunching, and the drawing of conclusions. Will the newsrooms listen? Probably not.

Brian Topp Would End Wheat Board Monopoly

Brian Topp, who is seeking to lead the federal New Democratic Party, says if he became prime minister he would reverse the decision to end the monopoly of the Canadian Wheat Board. Topp noted, howeve...