Cap And Trade

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Pressure Is Needed To Make Sure Climate Action Actually Happens

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation. We are running out of time to address it, as the risks and costs of the crisis grow. For far too long Queen's Park has failed to muster the political will to tackle it. The good news is that Ontario finally has a climate action plan. The not-so-good news is that many aspects of the Liberal plan are intentions to develop a plan for future actions -- a bit fuzzy, given the scale and immediacy of the problem. The even worse news is that the plan is weakest in the area that it needs to be the strongest to be effective: its carbon price.

Will Cap-and-Trade Slow Climate Change?

Ontario is expected to reduce emissions by over four per cent a year -- about twice the initial rate of California -- and generate $1.9 billion annually from the plan. That money will be invested in "green" projects throughout the province with the goal of reducing carbon emissions even further. Ontario's proposal to give away many allowances to big emitters is less encouraging. The government says it will eventually phase out this free disbursement, but in the meantime millions of dollars in government revenue that could be used to support renewable energy and public transit will be lost.
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Climate Change Is Nature's Tax On Everything

I'm outraged. Like you, my cost of living is going up. Home insurance premiums are up due to extreme weather. Food prices are up due to extreme drought. Taxes are up to pay for infrastructure that's been destroyed by ice storms and flooding. This climate thing is starting to cost -- a lot. Nature's response to our pollution is like a tax on everything. Since carbon pollution keeps getting worse, nature is digging even deeper into my pocket. So, what is government going to do to put an end to this cash grab?

Liberals Are Leading the Debate on Climate Change and the Economy

As the provinces' experience with carbon pricing proves, we don't need to choose between our environment and our economy. In fact, they go together. Indeed, Canada must be able to take advantage of the billions of dollars in investment that will be made in green technologies. Justin Trudeau is already doing the important work that needs to be done.
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We Can't Let Ontario Liberals Turn Cap and Trade into Cap in Hand

In a cap-and-trade system the government caps the total amount of GHG pollution allowed. But the real world challenge is that the issuing of permits and the creation of a pollution market is complex, bureaucratic and susceptible to gaming and manipulation. A good lobbyist, a backroom deal and a well-placed campaign contribution can all lead to the government issuing free pollution permits or exemptions for politically connected industries. The Liberals will have to say no to their well connected friends with deep pockets. The stakes are too high to not get this right. We simply can't let the Liberals turn cap and trade into cap in hand.

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