Carleton University


Not Good Enough

OTTAWA - Changes to "clarify" a controversial, $15-million donor agreement at Carleton University are more cosmetic than substantive and miss the main point — protecting academic independence, the Can...

The Iranian-Canadian Industry of Human Rights

While it is of paramount importance to actively struggle against conspicuous violations of the most seriously thought out and radical ethical systems, this industry of human rights activism constantly puts Iranians in terribly compromising positions by encouraging the federal government to enforce retrogressive measures.

Carleton's About Face to Preston Manning: We Don't Want Tory-Dictated Money

A month ago, Ottawa's Carleton University agreed to accept $15 million from a private citizen for a new graduate program. The money came from the personal fortune of an Albertan philanthropist, Clayton H. Riddell, while the idea originated from one of Canada's elder statesman -- former federal Reform party leader, Preston Manning. Now the university has released a statement -- one which suddenly rejects the deal.