Catherine Mckenna

Chris Wattie / Reuters

Canada's Climate Plan Is Only A Starting Point For Serious Climate Action

It's been a year since Canada returned from Paris victorious. And now, the first ministers have delivered Canada's climate plan. This is no doubt, a historic development. For the first time, Canada's climate target is backed by an actual plan. And this plan is supported by (almost) all of the provincial and territorial premiers. Unfortunately, however, that's about where the good news ends.
Chris Wattie / Reuters

Climate Leaders Don't Build Pipelines

Back in 2011, Canada made history by being the first country to formally pull out of the Kyoto Protocol. It was a bold move, but yesterday, Justin Trudeau actually managed to one up the feat, albeit in different style. On Tuesday, he approved the Kinder Morgan and Line 3 tar sands pipelines making Canada the first country on the planet to, in effect, promise to break the commitments they made to under the Paris Climate Agreement.