Growing Up Overweight Is Nothing Short Of A Nightmare

Timi Gustafson, R.D. | Posted 12.20.2016 | Canada Parents
Timi Gustafson, R.D.

"She likes to eat," the mother said. She didn't have to spell it out. It was obvious that her child at the age of nine was well on her way to become obese. I counseled clients like her before. They keep coming to my practice on a regular basis. Sadly, they will have to cope with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Measles 'Game Changer' Could Save Thousands Of Kids

The Huffington Post Canada | Joshua Ostroff | Posted 05.14.2015 | Canada Living

While antivaxxer-related outbreaks keep happening in places once deemed measles-free, the disease was never eradicated in developing countries where it kills 400 children daily. But the measles patch could help save their lives.

This Holiday, Treat Yourself to Alcohol (-Based Sanitizer)

Jason Tetro | Posted 02.06.2015 | Canada Living
Jason Tetro

December is now in full swing as are all the activities related to the holiday season. From shopping, to parties, to those getaways to escape the cold, Canadians are moving and mingling. Sadly, this time also marks an upwards shift in the number of respiratory infections.

It's Safer To Shop In a Supermarket Than a Farmer's Market

Steven Burton | Posted 09.07.2014 | Canada
Steven Burton

The conventional wisdom is that the risk increases from farm to fork, with farmers posing the least risk, followed by processors, then restaurants, and finally the consumers who often cause themselves to be become ill by failing to protect themselves with good hygienic practices and by throwing out foods that have expired. This is true when considering the total number of illnesses but breaks down when considering fatalities. Consumers often sicken themselves but don't generally kill themselves. So what's wrong with the system?

The Food You Buy at the Grocery Store May Not Be Safe to Eat

Steven Burton | Posted 07.14.2014 | Canada Business
Steven Burton

According to Public Health Agency of Canada, four-million Canadians will come down with food poisoning this year. Fortunately, most recover but some do not. While some cases result from improper food handling at restaurants or at home, many are caused by products purchased at the grocery store.

Don't Believe Everything You Read About Flu Deaths

Lawrence Solomon | Posted 03.26.2014 | Canada
Lawrence Solomon

The CDC's decision to play up flu deaths dates back a decade, when it realized the public wasn't following its advice on the flu vaccine. During the 2003 flu season "the manufacturers were telling us that they weren't receiving a lot of orders for vaccine,"Dr. Glen Nowak, associate director for communications at CDC's National Immunization Program, told National Public Radio.

Why Governments Want Health Care Workers To Stop Resisting Immunization

Lawrence Solomon | Posted 03.16.2014 | Canada
Lawrence Solomon

Public health authorities have good reason to want health care workers vaccinated -- when highly knowledgeable people in the health care field balk at getting vaccines, they belie the common claim that only the misguided or misinformed question mass inoculation programs.

Meet the Germs That Infect Your Water

Jason Tetro | Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada Living
Jason Tetro

2012-05-28-GermGuyBanner.jpgThe incidence of waterborne infections from the home water supply is rare but this trend of infection due to biofilm formation in the plumbing is showing up not only in the home but also in our travels and in our healthcare leaving many either infected or worse.

A&W Makes Big Promise About Its Beef

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 09.26.2013 | Canada Business

Canada’s second-largest burger chain says its beef is now free of hormones, antibiotics and preservatives. A&W announced this week it is “proud...

Fight Cravings Caused by Stress and Anxiety

Timi Gustafson, R.D. | Posted 11.19.2013 | Canada Living
Timi Gustafson, R.D.

Since food cravings in response to stress will inevitable occur, whether you fight them or not, it seems more helpful to keep food items around that are healthy and non-fattening, like fruits and vegetables, and to stay away from the chips and candy you may prefer at the moment but will cause you regrets later on.

Swimming Can Be Infectious - How to Stay Healthy

Jason Tetro | Posted 07.19.2013 | Canada Living
Jason Tetro

Of all the places to which sun seekers migrate, none is as popular as the beach or swimming pool. For many, there is nothing quite like becoming one with the water. Unfortunately, the escape comes with its own challenges, namely that of infections.

Reducing Salt Intake Could Put Years on Your Life

Timi Gustafson, R.D. | Posted 05.04.2013 | Canada Living
Timi Gustafson, R.D.

Less salt in our food supply could save at least half a million Americans from dying prematurely over the next ten years, according to separate studie...

The NRA Stands Behind Guns, Not Gun Owners

Kapil Khatter | Posted 02.27.2013 | Canada
Kapil Khatter

The National Rifle Association (NRA) doesn't speak for gun owners, not even for its members. The NRA speaks for gun makers and gun sellers. And the message is simple: buy more guns. Not wanting to see the door cracked open even an inch, the NRA fights any and all restrictions on guns and actively works to loosen those that exist. A good starting position. Even if the NRA loses a skirmish here or there, the Guns "R" Us nation they've helped create is protected.

U.S. Teens Choosing Pot Over Cigarettes: Study

CP | Mike Stobbe, The Associated Press | Posted 08.07.2012 | Canada Living

ATLANTA - A government survey shows more teens are now smoking pot than cigarettes.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday th...

A Never-Before-Seen Virus Emerges

CP | Mike Stobbe, The Associated Press | Posted 04.28.2012 | Canada

ATLANTA - For the first time, scientists have found evidence of flu in bats, reporting a never-before-seen virus whose risk to humans is unclear.The s...

Smokers Dodging The Dentist?

CP | Mike Stobbe, The Associated Press | Posted 04.08.2012 | Canada

ATLANTA - Smokers not only have more problems with their teeth than non-smokers, but they also go to the dentist less often.Those are the findings of ...

Bugs Crawling Under Your Skin? It's All In Your Head

CP | Mike Stobbe, The Associated Press | Posted 03.26.2012 | Canada Living

ATLANTA - Imagine having the feeling that tiny bugs are crawling on your body, that you have oozing sores and mysterious fibers sprouting from your sk...