CES 2017: My Driverless Car Experience

Andrew Lo | Posted 01.17.2017 | Canada Business
Andrew Lo

One of the most exciting commitments coming from the auto and technology makers during CES 2017 is the ambition to realize driverless car capability for city streets as early as 2020.

The Top Tech Trends Coming In 2016

Marco Pasqua | Posted 01.15.2017 | Canada Living
Marco Pasqua

Virtual reality, smart homes and digital assistants -- what was once science fiction from our favourite episodes of The Jetsons, is now well on its way to becoming science fact. We're only two weeks into 2016, and I predict that it's going to be a big year for technological innovation.

CES 2016 Proves The Future Of Driverless Cars Is Promising

Andrew Lo | Posted 01.08.2017 | Canada Business
Andrew Lo

The majority of Canadians believe driverless car technology will result in fewer accidents, speeding and drunk driving. Advancements in electronics that will make the driverless car a reality are certainly the talk of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016).

These Toys Can Teach Your Kids To Code

The Huffington Post Canada | Joshua Ostroff | Posted 01.06.2016 | Canada Parents

This will take them way beyond fixing your computer for you.

The Useless Home Gadgets That Tell Us Not to Think For Ourselves

Nikolas Badminton | Posted 03.31.2015 | Canada Business
Nikolas Badminton

Want to know what's in the fridge? Open the damn door and take a look. Are my eggs out-of-date? Maybe read the box or simply drop each egg in cold water and throw away the ones that float (tip: they are no longer fresh enough to eat). Fridges, more than anything else, are being hijacked as trojan horses to get smart gadgets into the home.

The Television Strikes Back

CP | Anick Jesdanun, The Associated Press | Posted 03.07.2015 | Canada Business

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Does anyone just watch TV anymore? The dramatic shift toward online and mobile viewing is driving television set makers to design as...

Would You Buy From a Kindle Vending Machine?

Mitch Joel | Posted 04.05.2014 | Canada Business
Mitch Joel

When last year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) rolled into Las Vegas, many were surprised and intrigued by Amazon's presence. They didn't have a typical booth on the trade show floor. Instead, they set up a Kindle vending machine inside the Las Vegas airport (near the ATM and soda pop).

LOOK: Tech's Winners And Losers

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 01.23.2014 | Canada Business

As this year's Consumer Electronics Show wraps up with promises of wearable gadgets and internet-connected cars, website FinancesOnline.com is looking...

Will 2014 Be The Year Of The Wearable Gadget?

CP | Ryan Nakashima, The Associated Press | Posted 03.08.2014 | Canada Business

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Will 2014 be remembered as the year wearable computing took off?Upstart entrepreneurs and major manufacturers such as Samsung, Qualc...

The Future of Advertising: Messages on Your Toaster?

Mitch Joel | Posted 03.10.2013 | Canada Business
Mitch Joel

Everything is getting connected to the Internet. From your toaster and home thermometer to your fridge and your car. As these appliances do "come online," can you even begin to imagine the media opportunities that arise from such a wealth of human information?

Finally, the Death of TV

Jim Harris | Posted 03.14.2012 | Canada Business
Jim Harris

Television as we know it is dying, but most people don't perceive yet the dramatic change that is bubbling below the surface. A stunning report released at this week's Consumer Electronic's Show, CES, points to a wholesale collapse of traditional TV viewing -- with the percentage of consumer TV viewing in a typical week plummeting from 71 per cent in 2009 to 48 per cent in 2011.

Six Gadgets That Defined CES

CP | Peter Svensson, The Associated Press | Posted 03.14.2012 | Canada Business

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Cheaper tablets, thinner laptops and an array of sleeker TVs stood out at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show in Las...

Global Electronic Sales Expected To Top $1 Trillion This Year

CP | Peter Svensson, The Associated Press | Posted 03.09.2012 | Canada Business

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Developing countries like China and India will drive global sales of consumer electronics above $1 trillion this year for the first ...