If Quebec's Election Was a Carnival, Charest Would Be in the Dunk Tank

Over the course of the Quebec election, every time Jean Charest thought he was changing the conversation to Medicare or Le Plan Nord, the CAQ's Jacques Duchesneau would make another accusation and grab the headlines. But last week many thought the ex-police chief went too far. Duchesneau said he had a list of Charest's cabinet ministers who had accepted favours from a construction baron named Tony Accurso. Charest demanded the ex -cop supply names. The ex-cop played coy and refused. How could Charest possibly defend himself and his party against that kind of slander?

Hold Steady

GATINEAU, Que. - Quebec's political rivals sought to draw their battlelines on key issues such as the economy and social values Sunday as they headed into the final full week of the election campaign....

Charest A-OK (Just Ignore The Polls)

With just ten days to go until the Quebec election, Liberal Party Leader Jean Charest said the only way Quebecers will be able "to avoid chaos" is by voting for his party on Sept. 4. Charest was at a...

PQs Would Give Plan Nord A Makeover

MONTREAL - The Parti Quebecois says it will give Jean Charest's signature northern-development plan a makeover if it wins the Sept. 4 election, altering a project the Liberal premier hails as Quebec's...

Good To Handle Quebec's Debt?

VICTORIAVILLE, Que. - Quebec Premier Jean Charest is taking aim at the Coalition for Quebec's Future on the campaign trail this weekend.He says the Liberals are better prepared to manage the province'...

Mulcair and Harper's Quebec Tug-of-War

According to Thomas Mulcair, the recently crowned federal NDP leader, the fact that Prime Minister Stephen Harper would consult former Tory prime minister Brian Mulroney about Quebec, proves how little he understands that province. Really? Or is this Mulcair just shaking in his boots because this is a plot by Harper to regain support in Quebec?

Charest is no Putin. Poutine, Maybe.

How ironic that the most extensive demonstrations we have seen to date in North America have concerned not unemployment, global warming, or the notorious one per cent, but the tuition that Quebec students have to pay for the benefits of a college education. Now two professors at the University of Montreal have likened Quebec to Putin's Russia.

How to Win Votes and Influence Protestors

Whether you support them or not, Quebec students are giving us all a valuable lesson in leadership. When Quebec Premier Jean Charest announced relatively small increases in tuition fees, he was speaking from the head. When Quebec students responded by boycotting classes and taking to the streets, they were reacting from the heart.

Tuition? What Tuition?

MONTREAL - The unpredictable nightly protests that helped spur a government crackdown have largely been a Montreal-only affair — until now.Since Premier Jean Charest passed a law last week limiting pr...
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Happy Anniversary Charest!

MONTREAL - Quebec students showed no sign of backing down Saturday in their battle with the provincial government, staging another massive march through the streets of Montreal.Thousands of students w...