Childhood Obesity


Why the McDonald's Nutrition Ambassador 'Mr. Happy' Makes Me Sad

Say hello to "Mr. Happy," McDonald's new ambassador of nutrition. Yes, nutrition and McDonald's are now in the same sentence! I'm scared and sad. I don't want to learn from a box. I don't want to learn from a scary, big toothed, slightly creepy object. How am I supposed to trust that? Nutrition needs to be clean, whole, nutrient dense and not in a box. I can make a fast food meal that's more nutritious and much faster than McDonald's can -- raw spinach greens, easy over eggs and a green smoothie. It would take 10 minutes flat and I wouldn't have to leave my house or put expensive, air polluting gas in the car!

Why Canada Needs More 'Free Range' Kids

Much is being made these days of the need for children to put down the tablets, remotes and other tech devices and get outside and play. Medical experts and media pundits are keying on health issues, such as childhood obesity and diabetes, as the key driver for increased play. And they are correct; but there are other important reasons: future jobs and economic growth.

Are Schools Snack-Shaming Children?

One Toronto school recently has banned the holy trinity of confections: candy, chocolate and pop. From a child's perspective, it can feel like snack-shaming. It almost seems as though the principal is leading a group of lithe bullies, chastising the embarrassed student for unknowingly smuggling a contraband item.

The Scary Truth About TV Dinners

TORONTO - Eating behaviours of preschoolers, such as having meals while plunked in front of the TV, can lead to elevated cholesterol levels that could put kids at risk for cardiovascular disease later...

Little Souls, Big Hearts and Getting Kids Active

Deb Firth, has operated the school running club for the past 7 years. This year there were 167 members, students from kindergarten to grade 5. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8.00am they would head out, with parents and teachers in tow, to run 800m. Now all they had to do was cover a final 2km and they would have, in total, covered a marathon distance.

B.C. Steps Up Childhood Obesity Fight

VANCOUVER - The B.C. government is spending $2 million to expand programs to help overweight children shed some pounds.Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid says childhood obesity is becoming an epidemi...