Chris Kluwe

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Will More Male Athletes "Come Out" in 2013?

This year, linebacker Brandon Ayanbadejo of the Baltimore Ravens and punter Chris Kluwe of the Minnesota Vikings became unlikely spokespeople for gay rights in America. When college football player Jamie Kuntz was kicked off his team for kissing his boyfriend in the press box they both took to Twitter to offer their support. There's much work to be done in terms of awareness and advocacy for queer rights in sports. Although it is widely acknowledged that there are gay athletes in all four major professional sports leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL) we are still waiting for an active player to come out.

Chris Kluwe's Stance on Marriage is The Right One

The issue of marriage equality is one in which the opponents infuriate me like few others. No state official and no stranger has any right to infringe on a contract between two people. I, nor you, have any right to tell anyone who to fall in love with, who to have sex with, or who to marry, unless the person you decide to marry has been coerced into the contract or is underage. If two adult males have a relationship and want to marry, it is their choice and it should be respected.