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Christine Sinclair: No Regrets

It was Christine Sinclair's actions that got her into trouble — not her words. The 29-year-old Canadian women's soccer captain was suspended four games and fined approximately $3,500 last week for wh...

Sinclair Suspended For Olympic Comments

OTTAWA - Canadian women's soccer star Christine Sinclair was handed a four-game suspension Friday for her actions after a dramatic semifinal loss to the United States at the London Olympics.The findin...

The Canada vs. U.S. Soccer Game Proves Female Athletes Deserve Our Respect

Monday's Canada vs. the States soccer game was so good it made you forget you were watching women's soccer, or care (if you did). Too often, female athletes have to fight for airtime, and for recognition. It shouldn't be like that, but sports are sexist in nature. We're all guilty of slighting female athletes. So, thank God for Monday, because we can't now. Compared to this, Usain Bolt's thrilling 9.63 seconds was like a warmup to something better.