Christmas Dinner

How To Help Your Body Digest That Christmas Meal

CBC | Posted 02.23.2014 | Canada

The holidays may be a time to relax and enjoy fine food, but when it comes to the big festive meal, savouring a plate loaded down with turkey, gravy a...

SFU's Christmas Dinner For International Students

CBC | Posted 02.24.2014 | Canada British Columbia

B.C.'s Simon Fraser University held a special Christmas Eve dinner Tuesday for the hundreds of international students who can't be home for ...

This vs. That: What Are the Healthiest Holiday Meats?

Rose Reisman | Posted 02.17.2014 | Canada Living
Rose Reisman

The average adult gains between three and five pounds during the holidays and no matter how diligent you are about your New Year's resolutions, not all of that weight gets lost. I looked at the various meats that grace our tables and came up with great alternatives that are as tasty, yet will save you loads of calories and fat and keep you fitting into your favourite jeans!

What Canadians Really Eat For Christmas

CBC | Posted 03.06.2014 | Canada Living

When Canadians sit down for their big holiday meal this year, there's a good chance turkey — or some other kind of well-roasted or well-brined ...

The Easiest Christmas Dinner You'll Ever Make

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 12.24.2012 | Canada Living

We've all had those moments — the ones where we realize that either our carefully laid plans for the holidays have fallen apart, or that we complete...

Dreams Of A Lovely, Formal Christmas

Kerry Sauriol | Posted 02.22.2013 | Canada British Columbia
Kerry Sauriol

I suddenly had a GREAT idea. What if we really pushed the boat out this year? What if we all bought lovely Christmas outfits and went OUT for Christmas dinner. Yeah!!! We could book at one of the gorgeous hotels for their dinner packages. Have a lovely formal family dinner. For one year, we could at least FAKE a Martha Stewart Christmas. For one year, we could ignore our dog and cat stained house and embrace the glitter and magic of Christmas like it is on television.

Turkey Cooking For Beginners: A Crash Course In A Perfect Bird

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 12.23.2011 | Canada Living

For many people, putting things off until the last minute is a way of life, as opposed to an attitude unique to the holiday season. So we can understa...

Cooking This Season? How To Eat For $30, $20 And $10

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 12.21.2011 | Canada Living

Whether we're cooking meals or eating them, this weekend will probably include turkey dinners, endless desserts and bottles of wine. If you are hostin...

Mark McEwan's Take On Holiday Cooking

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 12.20.2011 | Canada Living

Quick Study [kwik stuhd-ee]: The Huffington Post Canada's tips to make your life a little sweeter, five minutes at a time. Think of it as a cheatsheet...

RECIPE: Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder With Pear Mostarda

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 12.21.2011 | Canada Living

Porchetta traditionally comprises a whole pork loin and belly, but roasting only the shoulder is definitely more practical in your home's kitchen. The...

Alternative Uses For Leftover Holiday Food

The Huffington Post Canada | Rebecca Zamon | Posted 12.19.2011 | Canada Living

Leftovers camps can be divided rather neatly into two sections: people who will gnaw at the bone for days to come, and those who can't wait to dump ev...

5 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Marni Wasserman | Posted 02.16.2012 | Canada Living
Marni Wasserman

You want to make sure you have a little bit of everything so you are not left craving anything after the meal, or feel like something is missing from you plate. A whole plate full of mashed potatoes, a piece of bread and turkey is not very appetizing, colourful or creative!

Who Makes The Cut? When You Want 'Just Family' At Christmas

The Huffington Post Canada | Shelley White | Posted 12.08.2011 | Canada Living

Christmas dinner hosting responsibilities aren't to be taken lightly. There's the menu to set, the house to decorate festively, and the excitement of ...

Countdown To Christmas: Plan Out A Food Schedule From Now Until December 25

The Huffington Post Canada | Rebecca Zamon | Posted 11.17.2011 | Canada Living

Timing is everything, it is said, and that particular adage couldn't ring truer than when you're staring down the calendar at six weeks filled with ho...