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Premiers Reach Agreement

VANCOUVER - British Columbia has agreed it will keep its hands out of Alberta's pockets where oil pipeline royalties are concerned with an agreement that removes the prospect of the neighbouring provi...

Oh, What Does B.C. Want Now?

VANCOUVER - Alberta Premier Alison Redford says a meeting with British Columbia Premier Christy Clark has been postponed.Clark and Redford were scheduled to publicly discuss the progress of a joint en...

Let's Talk: Enbridge To B.C.

Enbridge says it wants to talk with the B.C. government about its proposal for the Northern Gateway Pipeline, and the provincial minister say he's ready to start listening. Communication has been str...
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Western Premiers: Stop Wasting Energy Fighting

Conflict between B.C. Premier Christy Clark and Alberta Premier Alison Redford over the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline to the West Coast is not in the long-range interests of either province and needs to be resolved. In July, Ms. Clark laid down five conditions for considering support of the project, including a provision that B.C. must receive a "fair share" of the fiscal and economic benefits. Ms. Redford's response was immediate and negative and seemed to assume that B.C. was seeking a share of Alberta's oil royalties, even though this was not the case. Since the Alberta Premier has been seeking to take the lead in developing a "national energy strategy," it's in her interests to take the initiative in negotiating a resolution to this dispute with British Columbia.

Redford Jabs Clark On B.C. Turf

VANCOUVER - If the past month has been a cooling off period for B.C. and Alberta in the heated dispute over royalties from the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, relations may be turning downright ic...