Julian Assange may Be Unlikable, but He's No Criminal

Much of what Wikileaks has "revealed" is in the public's interest -- a network that relies on whistle-blowers. It is all mindful of Daniel Ellsberg, the former U.S. military analyst who released the Pentagon Papers in 1971 and was variously regarded as both a traitor and a folk hero. So it is with Assange. Sort of.

Clifford Olson Funeral Will Be 'Low Key'

Serial child killer Clifford Olson, whose sadistically evil behaviour continued long after he pleaded guilty to murdering 11 children in 1982, is dead. Relatives of his victims greeted the news with...

My Stalker, Clifford Olson

I knew Olson as well as anyone can know a homicidal and narcissistic sociopath. He was a congenital liar and manipulator. You couldn't believe a word he said. I've been criticized for keeping in touch with Olson. This is mindless criticism.

Serial Killer Clifford Olson Dead

Serial killer Clifford Olson has died, according to various media reports. The parents of some of Olson's victims said last week that they had been told the 71-year-old was dying of cancer and likely...

Killer Clifford Olson Dying

Convicted serial killer Clifford Robert Olson is dying of cancer and has only days to live, according to the families of some of his victims. Sharon Rosenfeldt says Don Head, the commissioner of Corr...