Climate Summit

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$2.6 Trillion Divested From Fossil Fuels Is Paying Off

Investors are realizing that divestment doesn't mean financial losses. Thanks in part to plummeting global oil prices and the booming clean energy economy, divested portfolios have been outperforming those with investments in fossil fuels. Divestment doesn't just mean pulling your investments from fossil fuel holdings -- it also means redirecting investment dollars to alternatives like clean energy, green tech and climate solutions.
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Civil Disobedience Isn't Helping Your Cause

A study from the University of Toronto recommends that a change in tactics is long overdue for Canada's culture of activism, one that does not include civil disobedience, shouting, or getting angry at all. There have been times and places where civil disobedience has changed the world for the better, there can be no doubt about that. But today, in Canada and in most cases, not only are such actions not helping, they are actually hurting.
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We Can't Let Ontario Liberals Turn Cap and Trade into Cap in Hand

In a cap-and-trade system the government caps the total amount of GHG pollution allowed. But the real world challenge is that the issuing of permits and the creation of a pollution market is complex, bureaucratic and susceptible to gaming and manipulation. A good lobbyist, a backroom deal and a well-placed campaign contribution can all lead to the government issuing free pollution permits or exemptions for politically connected industries. The Liberals will have to say no to their well connected friends with deep pockets. The stakes are too high to not get this right. We simply can't let the Liberals turn cap and trade into cap in hand.

Climate Change Is Too Important to Be Left to the Politicians

Time is running out. The world's countries have been talking about climate change crisis but failing to reach agreement for more than two decades. A new approach is needed that goes beyond national governments and engages all facets of society. Companies need to understand that business cannot succeed in a world that's failing. The most successful outcome from this week's summit in New York should be that participants understand that the issue of the climate is too important to be left to the worlds' politicians.