Cn Tower


'For Jim'

The CN Tower lit up in green on Friday to honour Jim Flaherty, the long-serving former finance minister who died this week. The MP for Whitby—Oshawa was known for wearing green ties that gave a nod to...
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How I've Made a New City Feel Like Home

Upon finishing university, I moved to downtown Toronto where, admittedly, it's a lot more difficult to connect with your neighbours and community because everyone is so busy going from place to place. I discovered that the best way to make the big city feel more intimate was to create a sense of familiarity within some of my daily and weekly rituals.

Living On The Edge

For me, this year has been all about getting uncomfortable. Until recently I've led a pretty cautious life, a trait I got from my dad. He still calls nearly every night to "check in" and if he catches...