Coalition Avenir Quebec


PQ To Military Families: Too Bad

The Quebec government is refusing to back down on a controversial part of its new language bill, which would have a major impact on Quebec’s military families. Among its many amendments, Bill 14 prop...

Don't Let the Hotheads Prevail In Quebec

What the PQ fails to understand is that the continual sparring with the federal government and defiant support of succession, regardless of a demonstrated lack of public support for separation, creates an unstable environment for investors, who are in a position to strengthen the quality of life for all residents of Quebec. Here is to hoping cooler heads prevail.

The PQ is Right About One Thing -- Asbestos Needs to Go

While I disagree with many aspects of the Parti Québécois' current platform, if elected, the PQ has stated that it would essentially abolish the asbestos industry in Quebec. No other G8 country currently mines and exports this known cancer-causing agent. While Quebecers may be in for a rough ride on sovereignty, language and identity issues, this is one facet of the next would-be government that should have us all breathing a little easier.

Paging MDs

A Quebec government under the Coalition Avenir Québec party would use the long-dormant notwithstanding clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to try to keep doctors who get trained in the provin...

Meet Quebec's Wildcard

MONTREAL - Jean Charest portrayed himself as a staunch defender of Quebec vis-a-vis Ottawa on Tuesday while at the same time trying to paint Francois Legault as a man who has not renounced his soverei...

The Real Threat to Quebec's Heritage Is Not a Hijab

In the election, the xenophobic comments and party promises such as banning religious symbols among public service workers all say, very clearly, that to truly be a Quebecer, you must be Francophone, white and Catholic. Bonus points if your family descended from the Filles du Roi. This is textbook intolerance and xenophobia.

$600-Million Shortfall In Quebec?

Quebec's association of health and social services organizations (AQESSS) said it is expecting a $600-million shortfall next year and wants explanations from provincial party leaders. The group is as...

In Quebec You Might Soon be Forced to Trade Your Hijab for a Crucifix

The Parti Québécois (PQ) have unveiled some disconcerting aspects of their would-be mandate: all overt religious symbols would be banned from public institutions... except for Catholic religious symbols. In addition to lengthy and costly constitutional battles with Ottawa, certain Quebecers can now be expected to have their basic civil liberties trampled on in order to appease an increasingly intolerant voting population. The PQ are once again marginalizing a segment of the Quebec population because they are not seen as being an important fabric of Quebec's so-called distinct society. What I find truly alarming, however, is that the PQ is poised to form the next government. Vive le Québec libre indeed.

CAQ Promises Middle Class Tax Cuts

Quebec families are over-taxed, CAQ's François Legault said in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu on Tuesday, vowing to eliminate the $200 health service tax and to cut taxes to middle-class families. At the end o...

How Well Do You Know Francois Legault?

MONTREAL - Quebecers will vote in a provincial election on Sept. 4. Francois Legault will be leading the Coalition avenir Quebec (Coalition for Quebec's Future) in the party's first provincewide elect...