No Butts About It: Don't Fear the Colonoscopy

Bottoms up, push for your tush, get your butt seen, and get behind your behind: Colon cancer organizations have tried every cheeky trick in the book with their campaigns aimed at convincing Canadians to submit to colonoscopy screening -- considered the gold standard for the detection of colon cancer. And still, people don't do them.

The Truth About Colonoscopies

When was the last time you talked with your friends and family about your poop? At a young age, we are primed not to discuss our bowel habits. People are ashamed to take the extended bathroom break at work and even more so, discuss important topics like colon cancer screening. This has to change!

Angels and Colons

I know you are all on virtual tenterhooks about the state of my colon, so here is the report: As I was lying on the skinny hospital bed on wheels, slowly rising out of the anesthesia, the curtain parted and in floated the angel of the Lord. The angel saith (in a New Orleans accent): "Your doctor messed up. He ripped you a new anal cavity."