Commodity Prices

Doug Allan via Getty Images

Prices Are an Ocean Apart...For Now

Price movements have grabbed the headlines in recent weeks. Commodity prices are falling, and as always, there are various arguments about the reasons this time. The implications are serious, so the debates are warranted. But the more pressing issue is recent movement in the general price level. Overall price growth has weakened lately, and there is renewed worry about disinflation and deflation (the dreaded Ds). Five years beyond the crisis, and we are still worried about this? What's going on?

Canadian Trade: Pros and Cons for 2014

When international trade collapsed in 2009, the Canadian economy turned inward, and for a change, discovered a steady source of growth. That source is now tapped out, and economy-watchers have for some time turned their eyes back to trade. So far, the view has been uninspiring. Will Canadian trade carry growth forward, or is our hopeful gaze in for a big disappointment?

Wood Someone Check These Prices?

Commodity prices are all down, right? Wrong! Commodity prices have scored high on the economic shock-talk scale in the past decade. Although prices are generally still riding high, the recent trend ha...

TSX Plummets At Opening

TORONTO - The Toronto stock market sold off across all sectors Tuesday, falling almost two per cent amid a fresh round of concern that global growth could stagnate.Uncertainty over the level of partic...