I've Seen Torture's Devastating Effects. Let's End It For Good

Wendell Block | Posted 04.17.2017 | Canada Politics
Wendell Block

U.S. President Donald Trump recently reflected publicly on the issue of torture as a tool for interrogation. He claims that "it works." As health-care providers who work with torture survivors, we feel compelled to outline evidence that refutes president Trump's contention and highlight the horrific consequences to survivors.

HEADLINES: The Rob Ford Scandal As Told Through Song

HuffPost Canada Music | Anne T. Donahue | Posted 11.18.2013 | Canada Music

Just when you didn't think Rob Ford could get any worse, he does. From his proposal for mandatory drug testing for Toronto City Council members and ma...

Oprah In Vancouver: Good, Bad, Ugly Confessions

Cory Ashworth | Posted 03.25.2013 | Canada British Columbia
Cory Ashworth

My Oprah confession: I would do anything for a chance to meet her. I'd wear a Tina Turner wig for a year, I'd eat a 67-pound wagon worth of fat, or I'd quit my radio job for a chance to ugly cry in front of my television hero: Oprah Winfrey.