Conflict Oil

Let's Face it: Our Oil Dependency Ain't Gonna Go Away Soon

Kathryn Marshall | Posted 01.25.2012 | Canada
Kathryn Marshall

The move towards a carbon-free future is something we all want. The reason it hasn't arrived yet isn't because of a lack of good intentions or of trying.

Hey Celebs, Obama Hasn't Flip-Flopped on Oil

Kathryn Marshall | Posted 01.06.2012 | Canada
Kathryn Marshall

There's no question Obama is calling for an end to America's "addiction" to oil, as every president since Nixon has done. But he's doing it for very specific reasons: because of America's dependence on "foreign oil and gas" that "pay for weapons" that kill Americans and Israelis.

Memo to Jody Williams: Ethical Oil HELPS Women's Rights

Kathryn Marshall | Posted 01.04.2012 | Canada
Kathryn Marshall

If Williams truly wants to support human rights for women, for children, for everyone, wherever they live, ostracizing Canada while making the world safe for abusive regimes is just about the worst possible way to go about it.

Not Too Late for Europe to Back Ethical Oil

Kathryn Marshall | Posted 12.23.2011 | Canada Politics
Kathryn Marshall

If there's any oil that Europeans should be worried about, it's all the bloody conflict oil entering its borders and that it will continue to depend on as long as they insist on closing their doors to ethical, Canadian oil.

Ethical Oil to Saudis: Back Off, This Is A Free Country

Alykhan Velshi | Posted 11.19.2011 | Canada
Alykhan Velshi

Lawyers for the Saudi Arabian government sent a letter to the Television Bureau of Canada demanding that approval for the Ethical Oil ad be withdrawn. It's one thing for Saudi Arabia to oppress its own citizens

There Is Such a Thing as 'Ethical Oil'

Alykhan Velshi | Posted 11.01.2011 | Canada
Alykhan Velshi

Most people don't think about oil as something that can be ethical. They should. Many of us drink fair trade coffee because we like that it's produced ethically; we don't want to wear clothes made using child labour; and we try to eat poultry that is raised humanely. Surely the same logic applies to oil.