Conrad Black Release

The Week That Was: Conrad Libre!

Over the past eight months, I have had the pleasure of being one of Conrad Black's editors. His blogs have arrived weekly from prison like clockwork. Often I wondered how he wrote these from prison. I don't just mean the mechanics (because those were obviously an issue: How do you get access to a computer? Do you have Internet?). But how did he manage to keep up on everything? Reading his highly informed and topical blogs you would never know this was a man almost entirely cut off from the information sources we take for granted. Here's the bottom line: The key to Conrad's survival has been his mind.

Conrad Black Toronto-Bound

UPDATE: Conrad Black has been spotted at his home in Toronto, just hours after being released from a prison in Florida. Reporters spotted the former media baron being greeted by wife Barbara Amiel and...
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Is He A Changed Man?

MONTREAL - Don't expect a brand new man when Conrad Black, Canada's most famous former press baron, emerges from a Florida prison and sheds the jumpsuit.But be prepared for the possibility of less bom...