Convention On Biological Diversity


Canada Has A Responsibility To Ensure Healthy Oceans

Canada was one of many countries at the 2010 UN Convention on Biological Diversity to commit to protecting 10 per cent of its marine areas by 2020. As a marine nation bordering three oceans with over seven million square kilometres of ocean area and the longest coastline of any country, Canada has a responsibility to lead on ocean stewardship. We have acts, policies and departments to support strong positions to safeguard ocean ecosystems. Yet the reality is that more has been said than done.

How Little 'Ol Ontario Had a Global Impact at Rio+20

Ontario's endangered wildlife dodged a bullet when the provincial government reversed its decision to gut the province's world-class Endangered Species Act. With their vote of confidence, politicians in Ontario helped sustain one of the few outcomes of an important global environmental agreement in June at Rio+20.