Corporate Sponsorship

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The 5 Most Marketable Athletes Coming Out of the 2015 Pan Am Games

While the Pan Am Games do not offer the same marketing value for competing athletes as the Olympics do, the added attention provided a great platform for athletes to showcase their abilities and introduce themselves to the Canadian public. It also provided brands with a chance to scout athletes that could potentially be used in endorsement deals leading up to next summer's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Corporate Sponsors: Don't Show Off, Show us Something

What is it about big corporate sponsors that they don't get that the hard sell just doesn't work any more and that they'd win over more customers if they just gave useful information instead of the sales pitch on how wonderful they are? Boring the audience does not win people over. So here's my tips to corporate sponsors.

A Modern Approach to the Olympics: Have Multiple Cities Host Instead of One

It is a terrible idea for any modern city to host the Olympics. The price tag alone should cause the mayor of any city to run screaming. It seems to me that the best way to put the focus back where it belongs is to break up the Olympics. Allow cities to bid on specific events that they already have facilities for. Allow sponsors and media companies to bid on specific events as well. This would reduce the cost, the impact on the cities themselves and the need for the military to be involved in security. The key, I think, is to stop trying to make modern cities fit the Olympics and make the Olympics fit the modern world.