Think Twice Before Giving AirBnB Your ID

It's worth noting perhaps that my career has been around privacy and security, and so this really flustered me. After years of loyal service, when I've already provided AirBnB with access to my home address, phone number, and social media accounts, they've taken it a step further and decided that wasn't enough.

LOOK: Luxury Car Ad Trolls Internet

An ad for a rare Lamborghini posted just over a week ago to Craigslist has been found to be a fake. The ad claimed the luxurious Murcielago SV was one of only 350 ever made, and one of just 10 in Cana...

WANTED: Professional Hipster

It seems you can be paid for just about anything these days. A Craigslist ad posted earlier this month is on the hunt for a professional hipster. "Hipster Randy," as the position is called, is a contr...

Rental Scam Ensnares Kamloops Woman

A Kamloops, B.C. woman says an internet fraudster won't stop using her personal details and one of her classified ads to scam would-be renters out of money. Nicky Plato says she recently found out so...

Langley Police Seek Craigslist Robbers

Mounties in Langley, B.C., are asking for the public’s help in identifying two people suspected of pepper spraying and robbing a couple trying to sell jewelry on Craigslist. The victims, who had list...

Sometimes Slacking Off Can Change the World

The Occupy Movement was wholly underwhelming, and the Kony campaign seemed like a good idea, but an unclear mix of actions didn't lead to much. These sorts of campaigns made me angry, but in Iceland and in the United States, there are examples of how "slacktivism" can actually lead to change