Credit Card Fees

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Your Credit Card Is a Big Cost to Small Businesses

Canada's small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are at the heart of our economy. These vital businesses are facing a serious challenge, however: their costs are skyrocketing due to the excessive credit card processing fees. Canada's small business owners pay some of the highest credit card processing fees in the world.

Fee Hikes Not In The (Credit) Cards

OTTAWA — The Competition Tribunal has sided with Visa and MasterCard in a landmark ruling against the federal Competition Bureau, suggesting that Ottawa decide whether ``premium'' credit-card users sh...
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How Using Credit Cards Hurts Small Businesses and You

If you want to know what's bugging the average small business owner, ask for his or her opinion about the credit card processing fees. Every time you buy something with a credit card, it costs the merchant. And here's the rub: Visa and MasterCard rules say that merchants must accept all the cards within their brand. That isn't fair, and consumers are paying the price for premium cards. Instead of charging the cardholders a bit more, merchants are forced to raise their prices on everyone to make up the difference.