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Another Setback For Sun News

The struggling Sun News Network suffered another blow this week after Canada’s broadcast regulator ruled against it in a payment dispute with Rogers, the country’s largest cable company. The CRTC sid...
Sun News


The future of Canada's most controversial news network was thrown into doubt Thursday when the CRTC rejected the network's application to be a mandatory part of basic cable. But at the same time the t...

Moment Of Truth Approaches

OTTAWA - Sun News Network will find out Thursday whether it will get its coveted guaranteed spot on the television dial.The Quebecor-owned network is seeking what is known as mandatory carriage from t...

Sun News Fears 'Death Sentence'

OTTAWA - Sun News Network made its final pitch to the federal telecommunications regulator on Thursday, saying anything short of a guaranteed spot on the dial would spell the end of the channel.The Qu...

Media Bites: Sun News Will Go Dark With Dignity

The folks at Sun News are begging to escape this ghetto of being broadcast on the high-800 channels by petitioning the CRTC. Winning this prize would not only ensure more Canadian eyeballs, but also give those eyeballs a cable bill hike of around $4. In a country as stiff and staid in its defence of conventional wisdom as ours, it's hard not to be impressed with the sheer vigor of Sun's contrarian spirit. Whether that's worth a $4 national tax is a tougher question.