Flight Attendants vs. Air Canada

TORONTO - The union representing Air Canada flight attendants is taking the federal government to court, saying that allowing the airline to fly with fewer flight attendants poses a serious safety iss...

Where Does Olivia Chow Stand on Israel?

Israel is very relevant to Olivia Chow's candidacy because some of the major proponents of the "Israel as apartheid state" and the BDS movement are key supporters of Olivia Chow and with whom she is identified. It is now time for Ms. Chow to take responsibility for her silence.
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Victoria Schools Avert Strike

VICTORIA - The Greater Victoria School District says it has reached a tentative deal with a union and averted a strike that could have seen picket lines go up at 51 schools next week.The announcement...

Deal Reached In Club Lockout

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. - A lockout at a private sports club in North Vancouver has ended more than seven months after it began.Sixteen members of CUPE Local 389 at the North Shore Winter Club were lock...
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Could a B.C. Government Worker Actually Grow the Economy?

It's an all-too-regular occurrence in this province. Government employees, whipped up by their union leaders, marching against whatever economic development opportunity is being proposed. Pipelines to the coast? Opposed. Gas exploration? Opposed. Companies creating investment revenue for pensions? Opposed. New mine? Opposed. Coal exports? Opposed. But what if government employees had a direct financial stake in the economy doing better than expected? Would they be more willing to consider ways to grow the economy? It's an interesting premise, and one the B.C. government will test in the next round of collective bargaining.

It's Only Fair

In many ways the Canadian Union of Public Employees is a much different union than it was 50 years ago, as evident from the photos from our founding convention. The delegates who gathered in Winnipeg...

The Hidden Genocide of Muslims

I've been reading about the war in Burma/Myanmar. It's a conflict between the Buddhist Burmese majority and approximately 800,000 Royhingya Muslims in the Arakan (Rakhine) State. They are among the world's least wanted and most persecuted people.

K-12 Workers Prod B.C. Govt. With Ads

B.C.'s public school teachers say they will launch a radio and television advertising campaign tomorrow in the hopes of getting stalled contract talks going again. Negotiations between teachers...

Time for Premiers to Stand Up to Federal Bullies on Health Care

When Canada's premiers meet for the annual Council of the Federation this week, the future of health care is a critical item on the agenda. The role of a premier is to stand up to federal government bullying on behalf of all Canadians. We are asking them to send a strong message to the Harper Conservative Government: Get back to the table and get back on board to support public health care for all in Canada.

Facing Lockout

Hundreds of Toronto Zoo workers could find themselves locked out as early as midnight, including staff members who look after the giant pandas that recently arrived in the city. The zoo has been nego...

Why Canada's Definition of Austerity Is All Wrong

Government program spending is still growing from sea to sea. Virtually every government in Canada is spending more in current dollars from one year to the next. Many are spending more in inflation-adjusted dollars, too. If they aren't, they're generally coming pretty close.

Why I Imposed Contracts on Ontario Teachers

Some unions have engaged in strike action that has closed schools, restricted learning for students and created an unstable learning environment. It has been stressful and chaotic for many students and parents. Then those same union leaders asked the government not to move ahead with collective agreements, yet they had no other solutions to offer -- except more disruption. That's why, on my advice, the Lieutenant Governor in Council has put in place collective agreements for all school boards and unions that were unable to deliver ratified and approved collective agreements by the deadline.

Deadline Looms For Teachers

TORONTO - The deadline for Ontario's teachers to reach agreements with their local school boards is tonight at one minute before midnight.Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten is urging those schoo...

B.C.: Net Zero Only Way to Hold the Line

Net zero would be a powerful model to bring to the municipal bargaining table. Unfortunately, with our current city hall dynamic, it's going to take serious political will and taxpayer support. Failure to do so will mean even more property tax dollars pulled from your pocket in 2012 and beyond.

Toronto Headed For Lockout?

The head of one of Toronto's unions says a lockout is almost a certainty in January because the city wants to target so-called jobs for life provisions. "The city's initial offer is a direct attack o...