Cute Babies

15 Videos Of Laughing Babies ('Nuff Said)

Posted 03.14.2016 | Canada Parents

Baby Videos: There are literally thousands of them online and all of them brighten our days. After much deliberation (and chuckling), we’ve gathered...

We're Watching Puppies Go Head-To-Head With Babies

The Huffington Post Canada | Arti Patel | Posted 02.27.2015 | Canada Living

It's finally time to stop talking about those llamas and that dress (which is still white and gold), and focus all your attention on these cute puppie...

Why Do We Have Violent Urges Toward Cute Things?

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 01.22.2013 | Canada Living

There's just something about a baby's chubby cheeks that gives us a violent urge to squeeze them. Always. And now, science has explained why we hav...