Dalton Mcguinty


'An Orchestrated Cover Up'

TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty and senior Liberal cabinet ministers "lied" to the legislature when they repeatedly said all documents on cancelled power stations in Oakville and Mississauga had bee...
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Third-Party Liberals Need More Than a Messiah

Can the Liberals survive as a third party? Liberals can no longer claim to be the natural governing party, nor to have the same ability to garner wealthy donors or those seeking connections. Liberals cannot coast by on "we win elections," "we're not Harper," or be the "everything to everyone" party. The Liberals face a tough political environment, with the NDP trying to crowd them out, and with their own return to power far from certain. A compelling message and clear ideals to attract support is key. Liberals cannot pine for a messiah.

Thumbs Up For Ont. Liberal Leader

OTTAWA - Ontario's Liberals are backing embattled Premier Dalton McGuinty's leadership, despite disappointing electoral results and a looming battle with former union allies who are furious over new l...

No Under-18s Allowed

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - Peel Region has passed what is being called the province's toughest municipal bylaw banning teens under the age of 18 from indoor tanning salons.The Peel bylaw would fine tanning s...

The Real Victims of Teachers vs. Dalton McGuinty? The Students

The kids are just back to school and already much of what they enjoy in extra-curricular activities is being whittled away. Once again they are pawns to be used in a political game. What do you remember from your school days? I'd venture to say that many of the memories come not from what happened in class but from those extra-curricular activities, the life lessons learned and the great teachers who supported you in that quest.

Ontario Politics Needs a Little Less Liberal Arrogance

If there was ever a good time to pull the plug on Dalton McGuinty's minority Liberal government, that time is now. An election now will rid the province of Liberal arrogance for a while, and that's a positive. McGuinty's leadership will be "reviewed" by Liberals on September 28. Speculation is that if an election looms, McGuinty might resign rather than be defeated.

Should Ont. PC Leader Resign?

TORONTO - There are no signs that losing the Kitchener-Waterloo riding the Progressive Conservatives had held for 22 years will result in any formal challenges to Tim Hudak's leadership of the party.T...

Why The B.C. Liberals Will Win The Next Election

You don't hear this stated much these days: The B.C. Liberals will win in 2013. You heard it here first. In one of the great resurrections in B.C. political history, on the evening of May 14, 2013 premier-elect Christy Clark will be grinning from ear to ear in front of a packed room of supporters in downtown Vancouver. She will thank her NDP opponent for running a spirited campaign, and graciously thank the voters of British Columbia for giving her a new four-year mandate.

Message to McGuinty: Stop the Spending

Ontario is in a deep hole, the cause of which is nine years of reckless overspending. The effect is that we've run out of money, which puts everything we value at risk. Compounding the problem is a government that's adrift and out of gas. In the year since the last election, Dalton McGuinty has utterly failed to grasp the seriousness of our situation: not a nickel shaved off his $16 billion deficit, and no action to reduce the cost of our bloated public sector.

No Majority For McGuinty

TORONTO - Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's hopes of forming the majority government the Liberals missed by just one seat last October were quashed Thursday when voters in Kitchener-Waterloo elected a...

When Building Neighbourhoods, Don't Forget the Poor

Sustainable urban planning, with walkable streets and neighbourhoods, with architecturally pleasing buildings that prioritize liveability, should not be the property of only the wealthy and the middle class. Overall, having liveable neighbourhoods and buildings for people of all incomes serves as a source of pride for the city as a whole.

PCs Say McGuinty Dodging Ornge Committee

TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty is dodging a committee investigating Ontario's troubled air ambulance service to keep a lid on the scandal ahead of two potentially game-changing byelections next wee...