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Time For Horwath to Shed The Overalls?

According to a new poll, the Ontario NDP and its leader, Andrea Horwath, are falling far behind to third place. For Horwath, who has been addressing business friendly crowds in recent weeks, the polls reflect a struggle within the ranks of her members in the direction of the union-inspired party. Should the party maintain its controversial and stubborn perspectives on public issues or should it modernize itself?

Ontario Leaders Woefully Unpopular

Ontario's Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties are in a statistical tie among decided voters, according to a new Nanos survey that also suggests many Ontarians are unimpressed by the leaders o...

McGuinty, It's Not a Pay Freeze if Everyone Gets a Bonus

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is boasting that its freezing of Public Service salaries has resulted in saving the province $34 million -- even though bonuses to practically all managers has cost the province over $35 million. With a $15 billion provincial deficit, it's obvious the province is in a financial crisis. Pay freezes are a necessity and bonuses justified as "performance pay" are an utter waste and insulting to those who do their job. That's not economizing; it's hoodwinking the taxpayer.

It's A Throwdown

Voters in two Ontario ridings will be heading to the polls on Sept. 6. They will decide whether Dalton McGuinty’s wobbly minority government will become an insecure majority. The byelection in Kitchen...

Don't Bring a Gun to a Wind Energy Debate

I was saddened to read that Jeff Damen, a father of two and employee of a wind developer in rural Ontario, reported having a shotgun pulled on him while conducting field work on a project site in West Grey. While I am not known for expressing opinions remotely sympathetic to that of the wind industry or its employees, and certainly oppose the development of the project in question, guns and threats of violence have no place in any debate in our province.

Ford Asks Harper For Help Fighting Guns

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford met Tuesday to discuss what could be done to combat gun crimes in Canada's largest city, a week after a deadly mass shooting a community barbec...

No Quick Solutions At Gun Summit

TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty warns his gun summit today with the mayor and police chief of Toronto will not come up with a quick solution to the city's gun problem.There have been more than 200 s...

Independent Inquiry Coming: McGuinty

TORONTO - The premier of Ontario is launching an independent public inquiry into the deadly roof collapse at a mall in Elliot Lake, as questions persist over whether an apparent lack of information sh...

What Happened?

ELLIOT LAKE, Ont. - An array of accusations from local residents, death threats against a mall owner and the prospect of a class action lawsuit all collided in the aftermath of a deadly roof collapse...

'Tear It Down'

An emotionally charged press conference today at the site of the Algo Centre Mall cave-in at Elliot Lake, Ont., swung from outrage directed toward the shopping centre owner to heartbreak over the vict...

Quebec's Confusing Use of New Protest Laws

The secret law during the G20 and the list of laws passed in Québec to quell protests share a common characteristic: they're virtually impossible to enforce consistently. What good is a law that, once passed, is applied selectively? It places a tremendous amount of power in the hands of police who have proven unable to yield such powers appropriately.

No Plans To Visit Scene Of Mall Tragedy

TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty says he has no immediate plans to go to Elliot Lake to comfort a community still reeling from the mall collapse that's killed at least one person.But he wants the peo...

McGuinty Has Some 'Splaining To Do

TORONTO - Last week, Premier Dalton McGuinty was warning Ontario's Liberals to get ready to board the campaign bus for a summer election.This weekend, he'll be explaining why his budget — despite all...

NDP Abstains As Ontario Budget Passes

TORONTO - A summer election in Ontario was averted Wednesday with the passage of the minority Liberal government's budget.Despite forcing the Liberals to make several changes, such as delaying corpora...

Horwath Refuses To Back Down

TORONTO - More opposition changes to the Ontario budget Monday were not enough to trigger a summer election, despite warnings from Premier Dalton McGuinty.The New Democrats and Progressive Conservativ...

Toronto Mayor's Brother Eyes New Job

Outspoken Toronto Coun. Doug Ford says that if a provincial election is called he is "100 per cent" certain he will run for a seat at Queen's Park. The Etobicoke North councillor, who is Mayor Rob Fo...

McGuinty Threatens New Election

TORONTO - A battle over the Ontario budget threatened to blow up into a summer election campaign Friday, with all three parties accusing each other of trying to trigger a vote they all agree no one wa...