Dalton Mcguinty


Liberal Party Ain't Sitting Pretty in the Polls

If an election was held today, according to a new poll, the Ontario Liberals would be reduced to third party status while the surging NDP would be an official opposition. Barely a year after forming a historic third term in office, the Liberals, have been reduced to 28 per cent of support according to the poll. That may leave the Liberals on the outside looking in.

Government Should Start Auctioning Off Bus Routes

Inter-city bus ridership has declined over the last few decades in Canada. This is largely because driving has become cheaper. It's time that the government start auctioning off subsidies to the lowest private bidder. This would be a win for riders, and a win for taxpayers.

What Ornge Memo?

TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty says he never saw a memo from a government lawyer who sounded the alarm about Ornge almost eight years ago.The lawyer warned in 2004 that there were problems with the...

Should Have Signed A Prenup?

TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty may be regretting that he didn't sign a budget pre-nup before his shotgun "happy marriage" to the New Democrats.The minority Liberals and the NDP — who joined forces...

Gunning For Ontario Liberals

TORONTO - Ontario's Progressive Conservatives accuse the Liberal government of planning to create a provincial gun registry.Premier Dalton McGuinty says he has no intention of creating an Ontario gun...

Two Premiers About To Become Family

TORONTO - The premiers of Ontario and Prince Edward Island will soon share more than a title.Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's son is getting hitched to P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz's sister.Dalton McGu...

Let's Make A Deal

TORONTO - A deal to keep Ontario's minority Liberal government alive in a crucial budget vote won't come before a meeting Monday between Premier Dalton McGuinty and New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath....

The One To Appease

TORONTO - Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says she's encouraged to see her party's budget demands gaining ground with the minority Liberals.But she won't say whether it's enough to secure her suppor...

Big Player Eyeing Toronto

Representatives from MGM Resorts International are interested in adding a Las Vegas-style casino and entertainment complex to Toronto. The company, which operates some of Las Vegas's best-known casin...

Closing Ontario's Income Gap

The gap between rich and poor is growing and that threatens to make us all poorer, in health and quality of life. Governments can take action to help close the gap and their budgets are one of the most important tools they have to do this.

A Better Recipe for Canada, Part Two

The future of Canadian government depends on Ontario's suburbs where the Liberal brand is by far the most credible alternative to the Conservatives, at a time when the NDP is in ascendance everywhere else. So, despite the westward shift in Canada, Ontario is still the pivot point when it comes to who runs things in Ottawa.

Saturday Round Up: The Week that Wasn't

Two major government budgets were released this week, by Ontario and the Feds respectively; as widely anticipated, both will balance spending and eliminate debt by the end of the year with no cuts to any social services. Critics from the left and right applauded the leaders for showing such fiscal responsibility while managing to balance the needs of all Canadian citizens. Asked how he expected to deal with the looming crisis with old age pensions, Prime Minister Harper noted that the budget called for the phasing out of seniors beginning in 2016... Okay, now that I've got my April Fool's joke out of the way, let's look back upon the messy conflagration of human events that constitutes last week's news highlights here at Huffpost.

Flaherty Slams Ontario's Government

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says Ontario’s finances have been "badly mismanaged" for "almost nine years." Flaherty made the comments Friday during an interview with Metro Morning host Matt...

Ontario's 2012 Budget: "Meh."

Expectations were thus fairly high this week that Premier Dalton McGuinty and his loveable understudy, Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, would finally show some signs of appreciating the sheer magnitude of the fiscal

Highlights From The Ontario Budget

TORONTO -- Cash-strapped Ontario puts off business tax cuts, targets public sector wages and pensions in austerity budget designed to lift Canada's former economic powerhouse out of red ink in five ye...

Ontario Drops Austerity Budget

TORONTO - Cash-strapped Ontario is putting off business tax cuts, taking aim at pensions, and vowing to legislate pay freezes for public sector workers if need be in an austerity budget designed to li...

While the House is Away, Liberals Play (Dirty)

This week at the Ontario Legislature is constituency week, meaning MPPs from all parties are on break. Monday morning the Liberals made a major announcement about the OLG, and the next day about licensing fees. They are dropping bombs while the opposition is away, and pulling a fast one on the public.

It's Immigration, Stupid

Ontario and Quebec should stop badmouthing the west and demand reform to the immigration mess Ottawa has perpetuated since 1986. The burden of providing healthcare, education, and other social services for new immigrants has added more costs to their budgets than interest on their debts, the Detroit bailout, and all-day junior kindergarten in Ontario or $7-a-day daycare in Quebec combined.