Dalton Mcguinty

Tar Sands: No Shortcut Out of Mucky Debate

By most reports, Alberta's Premier Redford is a smart politician, capable of moving beyond mere platitudes, but she is at risk of drinking the tar sands Kool-Aid too quickly in her mandate and resorting to the name-calling we have come to expect from Alberta's politicians.

McGuinty Speaks Out Against Oil Sands

TORONTO - Alberta Premier Alison Redford says Ontario counterpart Dalton McGuinty is being simplistic for suggesting a booming oilsands is bad news for Ontario.Redford disputed McGuinty's comments Mon...

Mayor Clashes With Premier Over Subway

TORONTO - Toronto's transit battle is heating up the airwaves as Mayor Rob Ford defends his plan to build more subways on his new radio show.During his inaugural radio show Sunday on Newstalk 1010, Fo...

Read His Lips, No New Taxes

TORONTO - Ontario isn't waiting to bring down a budget to make decisions about which government services will be cut or reduced, Premier Dalton McGuinty said Tuesday."We’ve made thoughtful choices alr...

Drummond, Shrummond: Just Get to Work, Premier McGuinty

Today we'll get to see the full Drummond report, but don't worry -- if the past is any example, the Ontario government will take its sweet time deciding what to take, leaving working people, small business owners, families, and people across the province wondering what services that they rely on and pay for are about to get axed.

Ontario Students Ready to Give Drummond a "D"

With the release of he much-anticipated budget report of Don Drummond tomorrow, students will find themselves among nurses, the unemployed, teachers, early childcare educators, social workers, and millions of other Ontarians who will try to make it politically impossible for McGuinty to implement any of the cuts or regressive policy changes that Drummond recommends.

Liberal Convention Diary: Day Three

Last night we heard speeches from various luminaries, including Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, who started the evening off. Among many good lines from the premier's speech, here was my favourite: "To those who would have us merge with another party, get behind us -- we will be moving forward with or without you."

Let's Put a Stop to the Pan Scam Games

The most persuasive argument against staging the Pan Am Games is that nobody cares about the Pan Am Games -- including the athletes who compete in them. Indeed, the spectre of brand new, multi-million dollar taxpayer-funded edifices devoid of spectators for athletic events nobody wants to see (handball, anyone?) is downright vulgar in this day of fiscal restraint.

How We Can Stand Up to Bullies

No celebrity messenger can draw the same level of emotion or heartache that is inherent in the stories of the victims they represent. After all, if we really need Lady Gaga to illustrate why teen suicide is unacceptable, society has deep problems.

McGuinty 'Wants To Remain Married'

BRAMPTON, Ont. - Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is dismissing reports he may be considering a run for the federal Liberal leadership.Several high-profile federal Liberals attended McGuinty's speech t...

McGuinty Lets Harper Know Who's Boss

Premier Dalton McGuinty has wasted no time showing Ontarians who handed him his "major minority" on Oct. 6 and that he won't be pushed around by the Harper government in Ottawa. In a continuing polit...