Daniel Tosh


Is International Women's Day an International Joke?

Today is International Women's Day, and although you might notice the requisite "Let's Empower Women and Girls" op-ed on your social media news feeds, the truth is that this day is more or less a farce. It's a day where society can say they have talked about "women's" issues for a day in order to make themselves feel like they have contributed to the betterment of humanity. Note the use of quotations. That's because I'm systematically flabbergasted as to how certain facts are perceived to be solely a women's rights issue and not a human rights issue. If any other race, religious organization, or linguistic group were treated in the same manner as women are worldwide the entire planet would be up in arms.

For Daniel Tosh, Gang Rape is a Gas

Daniel Tosh, the host of Tosh.0, recently performed stand-up at the Laugh Factory whereby he proceeded to make many a joke about rape. After a woman in the audience retorted, "Actually, rape jokes are never funny!" he proceeded to ponder aloud how funny it would be if she were gang raped right then and there. And he got laughs. So, what is it about violence against women that is so time-tested and hilarious? And why do people feel the need to defend the "right" to make such jokes?