Daniel Veniez


How the Government Dethroned A Crown Corporation

Last week, the Harper Government announced that it is putting Ridley Terminals Inc. (RTI), a relatively small federal Crown Corporation, up for sale. In the last early 1980s, the Trudeau government spent $250 million to build this coal terminal in the hope that coalmines would magically appear. Well, they didn't, and RTI has been a taxpayer-funded sick hole ever since.

Meet the RCMP Officer Who's Guilty of Crimes She Didn't Commit

Barbara George was a decorated law enforcement officer with an unblemished 30-year track record. Then in 2007, the House of Commons found her in contempt of Parliament for allegedly "misleading" the Standing Committee on Public Accounts.None of what George was accused of was true. She vowed not to rest until her name was cleared. Last week, she came a little closer. Now is the time for the House of Commons to apologize, and return some piece of mind to Barbara George and her family.

Veniez: I See Your Tar Sands and Raise You These Photos

On the surface, a call for reason sounds good when dealing with the tar sands, but it comes at a great cost to the environment where irreparable damage is being inflicted everyday. Unreasonable things are happening in Canada's North, and it's not talk that's going to solve these massive problems.