Danzig Shooting

What Killed My Father Wasn't Just a Gun

I am the son of a murder victim. On a chilly Sunday morning in March in 2004, I received a long-distance phone call from my older brother Mark. In a voice trembling with emotion, he informed me that our father was murdered the night before in a bar that my father had recently opened up. Our dad -- our father -- was dead. But the sad truth is that as tragic as my personal story may be, I can draw literally hundreds of similar tales from the lived experiences of the denizens of this fine city here in the pale bosom of a so-called First World nation that casts itself as the envy of the world.

Does Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Have a White Saviour Complex?

On a recent radio segment, Doug Ford boldly proclaimed, "There's no one that helps black youth more than Rob Ford," followed by, "These are kids who have nothing." If Mayor Ford really does hold the view that the black youths he helps have "nothing" without his football program, he is only furthering the sentiment that no matter how hard black people and communities work, they still have "nothing" if their hard work and perseverance is not supported by a white saviour.

Ford Asks Harper For Help Fighting Guns

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford met Tuesday to discuss what could be done to combat gun crimes in Canada's largest city, a week after a deadly mass shooting a community barbec...

Rob Ford Gets His Harper Meeting

TORONTO - Provincial funding for a police anti-violence initiative was made permanent Monday, as the city grappled with a series of recent public shootings that have left multiple people dead.Premier...

No Quick Solutions At Gun Summit

TORONTO - Premier Dalton McGuinty warns his gun summit today with the mayor and police chief of Toronto will not come up with a quick solution to the city's gun problem.There have been more than 200 s...

Guns Injure 4 More In Toronto

On Friday night in Toronto, people marched for peace. Then the shooting began anew. Toronto hip-hop artist P. Reign hosted an "Angel Walk" on Friday evening in the area of Danzig Street in Scarboroug...

Are Canadians Cities Still Safe?

International media are focused on Toronto after a shooting at a block party in the city’s east end on Monday left two people dead and another 22 injured. Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair called it “t...

The Quiet After A Bullet Storm

A walk for peace was held Wednesday in the Scarborough neighbourhood where 25 people were shot on Monday night, but some residents in the area say talking about what happened with police is something...

Gun Wars And Alienated Youth?

TORONTO - Recent high-profile shootings in Toronto should prompt authorities at all levels to do more than crack down on gun-toting thugs, experts said Tuesday, as some fretted the city is developing...