David Alward


Ex-Premier Lands Awesome New Gig

OTTAWA - Former New Brunswick premier David Alward has been appointed Canada's consul general in Boston.Alward was premier from 2010 to 2014 before his Progressive Conservative party was defeated by t...

When He Gets To Take Over

FREDERICTON - Brian Gallant is promising to make a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for shale gas one of his first priorities when he becomes premier of New Brunswick in the next couple of weeks.The...

Alward Concedes Defeat

FREDERICTON - David Alward walked away from the leadership of New Brunswick's Progressive Conservatives on Tuesday, about 12 hours after his party was defeated by the Liberals in an election marred by...

N.B. Premier Spends Night In Hospital

MONCTON, N.B. - New Brunswick Premier David Alward spent the night in a Moncton hospital after becoming ill with flu-like symptoms.A spokeswoman for the Progressive Conservative party says Alward and...

N.B. Premier: Trudeau Is 50 Years Late

CHARLOTTETOWN - Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is a half century behind when he says there should be greater scientific study before the shale gas industry expands, Premier David Alward said Th...

How N.B. Premier Aims To Win Voters Back

FREDERICTON - David Alward is counting on voters to back his plan to develop New Brunswick's natural resources as a path to prosperity when the Progressive Conservatives make their case for a second t...

'We Are At A Turning Point'

FREDERICTON - Jobs and the economy will be the top issues of New Brunswick's election, Premier David Alward said Monday after the province's lieutenant-governor agreed to dissolve the legislative asse...

N.B. Forecasts $391-Million Deficit

FREDERICTON - New Brunswick's Tory government is forecasting its fourth consecutive deficit but trying to reassure the public of an economic turnaround in its final budget before the September electio...

Getting A Bit Duffy In Here

OTTAWA - Bombshell revelations from Sen. Mike Duffy are sure to reverberate again today across Parliament Hill.The former Conservative senator now says there were "at least" two cheques written in wha...

N.B. Premier Shuffles Deck

FREDERICTON - Premier David Alward has shuffled his cabinet a year before the New Brunswick election as his Progressive Conservative government struggles with sagging popularity and tries to convince...

Redford Pushes West-East Pipeline

FREDERICTON - Alberta Premier Alison Redford will meet her New Brunswick counterpart next week as the two try to drum up support for the west-east pipeline project.Redford will meet David Alward next...

Premiers United Against Ottawa

Atlantic Canada's premiers are asking Ottawa to suspend its changes to employment insurance, saying there should be further study of the federal program's new rules because they adversely affect the r...

When Building Neighbourhoods, Don't Forget the Poor

Sustainable urban planning, with walkable streets and neighbourhoods, with architecturally pleasing buildings that prioritize liveability, should not be the property of only the wealthy and the middle class. Overall, having liveable neighbourhoods and buildings for people of all incomes serves as a source of pride for the city as a whole.

'Serious' Privacy Breach In N.B.

A serious privacy breach has been discovered with the New Brunswick voters list, Premier David Alward informed the legislative assembly on Wednesday morning. Alward referred to the privacy breach as...

New Brunswick's Dark Future Looms Across the Pond

The actions of the current Cameron government in the UK such cutting welfare payments, and neglecting job creation are making for an increasingly worse situation for both the poor, and those nearing it. But are things over here in Canada really that much different?