David Black


David Black, Press Baron Behind B.C. Refinery Pitch, Has A Climate Denier Problem

It's bad enough that David Black is allowing his newspaper chain to print misinformation. Newspaper people are usually pretty big on getting their facts right. But it is worse that Black is letting this happen at the same time he is seeking environmental credibility to bolster his refinery plans. The disconnect makes people wonder whether they can trust his "green" claims about Kitimat if his newspapers are preaching climate denial.

$25 Billion Found For B.C. Refinery?

A B.C. media mogul says he has found the $25 billion he needs to build a crude oil refinery in Kitimat, but he had to raise more than $6 billion in Canada after Chinese investors backpedalled on the d...

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Stephen Harper vs. Science

For all those who in Alberta that keep saying that the people of British Columbia have to be "educated" about pipelines, and just so Stephen Harper is up to date on his science: Building a pipeline over smashed, broken, uplifted, twisted Jurassic-era islands, downsized by erosion, lost islands turned into mountains, buried and shaped by kilometres of glacial ice, is a completely different story altogether.