David Johnston


Governor General's Flight Cost $175K

The January flight to send Gov. Gen. David Johnston to Saudi Arabia to offer Canada's condolences for the death of King Abdullah cost taxpayers $175,000, according to records obtained by CBC News. Log...

Senate Reform? Not Now, Insiders Say

OTTAWA - The disgraced Senate will serve as a backdrop for next week's throne speech and is bound to dominate debate during the fall sitting of Parliament.Yet there'll be scant mention of the scandal-...

Welcome To Toronto, Prince Philip

Prince Philip has arrived in Toronto to take part in the city's festivities commemorating the War of 1812. The Duke of Edinburgh was welcomed by Governor General David Johnston. On Saturday, Prince...

Why His Presence Is Such A Big Deal

OTTAWA - The insistence of some native leaders that Gov. Gen. David Johnston take part in their meetings with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and government officials is rooted in a symbolism that reach...

Spence Pulls Out Of Meeting With Harper

OTTAWA - Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence abruptly changed her mind Wednesday, refusing to attend Friday's hard-won First Nations meetings with the federal government because Gov. Gen. David Johnston...

Five People Who Have Merit

When I use the word "merit", I think of excellence, laudability, high achievement, well-deserved, praiseworthy and well-earned, sometimes in the face of daunting circumstances. Let me apply it to people who have had a great impact on my life and whose achievements MERIT the use of the word!

She Won't Go

Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence says she won't attend Friday's "working meeting" between First Nations chiefs and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, because the presence of Gov. Gen. David Johnston is "...