David Mccullough

To Be Special You Have to Know What it Means

David McCullough's commencement address, in which he informs the graduating students of Wellesley High that they are not special, has received much attention. What caught my attention, though, was one of his last lines: "you're not special because everyone is." The real issue is not whether one is special or not. The real challenge is knowing what it means to be special.

Did You Really Expect Us Not To Be an Entitled Generation?

David McCullough Jr. recently gave a commencement address, in which he told the students the cold, hard reality that "none of you is special." Who is to blame for this? Maybe those very same parents and teachers who are so quick to accuse us of it. The baby boomers, with the best intentions, have made us into what we are today: a generation of spoiled individuals. Why are they surprised?