2012: Winners and Losers of Canadian Politics

The jet lag has passed and the Christmas decorations (for some of us at least) are put away in storage. With 2013 stretching out before us, let's reflect on the year that was 2012 in Canadian politics. The best and worst political stories, the best and worst politicians and the biggest sellout.

Harper's Iron-Fist Rule a Nod to Chretien, not Machiavelli

After reneging on his anti-Bill C-38 statement, David Wilks stressed that he had no choice but to vote with the government, saying that's "how Ottawa works." But to those demonizing Harper for this, let us not kid ourselves: Harper has only improved, refined -- and has taken much too far -- the model first introduced by the Liberal Party of Canada and its leaders.

Conservatives Don't Mind Eating Their Young

Conservative MP David Wilks recently stood up against his own party to oppose Bill C-38, only to renege days later. In his withdrawal he proved once again that in modern Canada the PM, not the citizen voter, is the ultimate arbitrator of all things Canadian. If you eat your young, what will you do with the rest of the country? Thanks to Bill C-38, we're about to find out.