Debt Crisis

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Half Empty Or Half Full?

TORONTO - A new Harris/Decima poll conducted for CIBC says half of the respondents had been able to reduce their debt level over the past 12 months.It found 71 per cent of the people surveyed national...

How Canadians Dug Themselves into Debt

One may truly feel for our Minister of Finance, as no one likes to talk and be ignored. Yet, this seems to be an experience Mr. Flaherty knows all too well, as the past year he has repeatedly warned Canadians about their increasing personal debt loads, only to have those warnings tuned out.
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Sunday Roundup: Berlusconi a Loss for Comedians Everywhere

Yesterday's resignation of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is a loss to comedians everywhere. Which other world leader can possibly fill the void? It was easy to bid "avtio" to George Papandreou earlier this week. Aside from his comically large moustache, there was nothing very funny about the way he drove Greece into bankruptcy, while threatening to take the whole rest of the EU down with him. But give Berlusconi this: the guy steered his country to ruin with, well, not style exactly -- maybe chutzpah. It's one thing simply to overpay state workers -- quite another to host "Bunga Bunga" sex parties while your country burns.

Canada's Well-Deserved Economic Accolades

Canadian banks will be closing the books on the fiscal year come Halloween and no matter how this last quarter shakes out in terms of earnings, there will be at least a sigh of relief among executives that some of the intense concerns from back at the end of the third quarter (July) have dissipated.

Vote For US Debt Deal May Not Solve The Crisis

"It postpones it for a little bit. It has all the essence of a compromise, which is that no one is really that happy about it. "I would say Obama supporters, the liberals, are far less happy as it's m...
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The Tea Party Deadbeats

One popular Tea Party spokesman is Joe Walsh of Chicago, who is a deadbeat dad according to a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife for $117,343 in unpaid child support payments. Court documents also say his h...
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Harper Says Debt Crisis 'Very Bad'

THE CANADIAN PRESS — BRAMPTON, Ont. - It should come as no surprise the United States is having a hard time dealing with a mammoth debt crisis that is threatening to push the world's largest economy o...