Digital Economy

Canada Has an Internet Problem

At least part of the problem lies in Canada's lack of a cohesive, forward-looking digital economy strategy. This failure is plainly hurting all aspects of the digital economy. For an SME, the effects of the Canadian digital economy strategy failure -- what I've often termed Canada's Penske File -- can be found everywhere.
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The Third Industrial Revolution Is Here - Think Bigger

I'm enthusiastic about the bright future that is ahead if we can continue to foster and encourage governments, business leaders and young students to look beyond the limits to make the impossible, possible. I find myself wondering what it will take to win in this Third Industrial Revolution, and I keep coming back to our youth, these students whose brilliant minds know no limits. Are we doing enough to encourage and inspire them? Are we finding the right venues to foster innovation and commercialization of the best ideas in Canada, or will we retain our role as an exporter of raw goods, rather than an information economy of the future?

Canada welcomes the IT world

Next week, the who's who of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry around the world will arrive in Montreal, Canada, for the biannual World Congress of Information Technology (WCIT). With all the economic upheaval making business headlines, why does this specialized gathering matter?

Digital Economy Strategy Is Government's Penske File

The lack of movement on the digital economy strategy is the government's "Penske File" -- the source of considerable discussion and much "work," but thus far few tangible results. (For non-Seinfeld watchers, the Penske file has become synonymous for a non-existent work project.)