Dining Room

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A Fine Dining Room for a Festive Family

Christina and Gavin moved from a small downtown condo to a sprawling 1960s ranch style house just outside the city. But, moving from a small condo to a large house has left them shy on furniture -- especially in the dining room. They have a great space for big family dinners, and nowhere for everyone to sit and eat! With a big family feast in mind, I assembled the trades to create the perfect dining room!
Flickr: Dinner Series

The Room You Want to Host Dinner In

Franca and Pat both come from big Italian families that love to cook -- and eat! But the couple rarely entertained at home -- it just didn't cut it in a family where everyone takes turns hosting dinners, and where get-togethers of 25 are the norm. I had to start from scratch in this room, so I got set to cook up one big "gastro lounge" for Franca, Pat and all of their relatives.

A Prize-Winning Living Space for a Family of Boxers

Kim and Rey moved into a charming bungalow and started to renovate, but were stumped when they got to their main living space -- a long, narrow living and dining room. The room was empty, uninspiring and full of flamboyant colours chosen by the previous homeowners. She wanted this space to be a warm, welcoming and livable room for family and friends. And with some paint and a vision, I made it happen.