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Syrian Threat:"Your Beautiful Face Will be Burned by Acid"

Ahed Al Hendi | Posted 04.24.2012 | Canada
Ahed Al Hendi

Syrian activist Hadeel Kouki is wanted by the country's intelligence. Yesterday she received a message: "We are going to displine you like dogs, you traitor, even if you hide on Mars, Assad's Shabiha will get you. We know all of your activities and we got the green light from your relatives. Your beautiful face will be burned by acid."

Syrian Dissidents: "One Day in Prison is Like a Year"

Ahed Al Hendi | Posted 04.01.2012 | Canada
Ahed Al Hendi

Hadeel Kouki is a 20-year-old Syrian Christian who was brutally tortured in prison for distributing leaflets calling on Syrians to march peacefully in the name of freedom. As a student at the University of Aleppo, she was working to build a country not ruled by fear and secret police.