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Americans Are Wrong (Again) About Softwood Lumber: PM

CP | Mia Rabson, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.19.2017 | Canada Politics

Fifth dispute since 1981.

Trump-Russia Bombshell A 'Really Sensitive Area': Freeland

CP | Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.17.2017 | Canada Politics

Freeland kept to herself her thoughts on the news.

Sorry America, Canada's Just Not That Into You: Poll

HuffPost Canada | Emma Paling | Posted 05.09.2017 | Canada Politics

Nearly one-fifth have changed their vacation plans because of American politics.

Trump Admin Shrugs Off Trudeau's Trade Threat

CP | Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press | Posted 05.06.2017 | Canada Politics

The U.S. recently slapped duties on Canadian lumber.

Leaked NAFTA Draft Order Says Canada 'Exploits' American Industries

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 04.29.2017 | Canada Politics

It also blames NAFTA for the loss of 700,000 jobs.

These Provinces Will Take The Biggest Hit From Trump's Lumber Tariff

The Huffington Post Canada | Daniel Tencer | Posted 04.27.2017 | Canada Business

Batten down the hatches, British Columbia.

Poll: Should Canada Be More Like The U.S.? Canadians: NOPE

The Huffington Post Canada | Ryan Maloney | Posted 04.28.2017 | Canada Politics

China is seen more favourably in some respects.

Trump Thinking Of Pulling Out Of NAFTA: White House

CP | Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press | Posted 04.26.2017 | Canada Politics

"I think he is bluffing," said one Canada-U.S. trade lawyer.

Trump, Trudeau Versions Of Same Call Are So Amazingly Different

HuffPost Canada | Mohamed Omar | Posted 04.26.2017 | Canada Politics

A tale of two readouts.

Trudeau Needs To Stand Up To 'Bully' Trump, Says Mulcair

The Huffington Post Canada | Ryan Maloney | Posted 04.25.2017 | Canada Politics

"At some point you’ve got to stop backing up."

Trump Tweets Brand New Threat Against Canadian Dairy

CP | Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press | Posted 04.25.2017 | Canada Politics

U.S. president has also slapped duty on Canadian lumber.

Trump's Claims On 'Unfair' Canadian Dairy Contain 'A Lot Of Baloney'

CP | Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press | Posted 04.20.2017 | Canada Business

Part of the problem is there's too much milk in the world.

Trump Levels Threat Against Canada's Dairy Industry

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 04.18.2017 | Canada Politics

He unveiled his "Buy American-Hire American" executive order.

Trump Wants To Probe Canada's Trading Practices

CP | Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.31.2017 | Canada Politics

"There has never been this kind of systematic analysis."

U.S. Uncertainty Looms Over Canada's Budget

CP | Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.19.2017 | Canada Politics

"The government is building this year's budget with not a great deal of clarity ..."

Politicians In Canada, U.S. Fuming At Trump's Great Lakes Funding Cuts

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 03.17.2017 | Canada Politics

U.S. President Donald Trump's inaugural budget calls for slashing all federal funds for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Trudeau Says He Still Believes Trump's Promise On NAFTA

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 03.16.2017 | Canada Politics

The prime minister made the remarks in an interview with NBC.

Liberal Government To Review Trump's New Travel Ban

CP | Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press | Posted 03.06.2017 | Canada Politics

The revised travel order leaves Iraq off the list of banned countries.

School Boards Across Canada Grapple With Cancelling All U.S. Trips

CP | Linda Givetash, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.27.2017 | Canada

It's an "ethical" decision, one superintendent said.

Vancouver's Trump Tower Has Become A Symbol Of His Controversies

CP | Laura Kane, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.19.2017 | Canada British Columbia

Even the mayor suggested dumping Trump's name.

Business Council Urges Trudeau To Shield Canada From Trump's Agenda

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 02.15.2017 | Canada Politics

The group listed some suggestions for the PM to increase competitiveness.

Trudeau, Trump Used 'Coded Language' On Environment: Elizabeth May

CP | Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.14.2017 | Canada Politics

The muted climate message came as no surprise to the Green party leader.

Trudeau, Trump Vow To Work Together To Strengthen 'Unique' Relationship

CP | The Canadian Press | Posted 02.13.2017 | Canada Politics

The 2 have spoken on the phone.

Unpopular U.S. Presidents Have Always Caused Headaches For Canada

CP | Alexander Panetta, The Canadian Press | Posted 02.11.2017 | Canada Politics

President Trump is wildly unpopular in Canada.

Dear America: Give Us Sarah Palin And We'll Respond Appropriately

The Huffington Post Canada | Posted 02.15.2017 | Canada Politics

You've been warned.